Monday, 26 December 2016

A look back at 2016

2016 was one hell of a year in my opinion. What follows are what I think some of the highlights and lowlights of the year were as far as JFK assassination research is concerned. I will begin with the highlights. I think one of the biggest highlights was Bart Kamp’s mammoth essay thoroughly debunking the so-called lunchroom encounter between Oswald, TSBD superintendent Roy Truly, and Dallas Policeman Marrion Baker (see here). I think this was an excellent follow-up to Kamp’s movie on “Prayer Man” which was released for public viewing in late 2015 (click here to view it if you haven’t already). Kamp’s efforts earned him a New Frontier award which I think was very well deserved. Aside from Kamp’s research, we have also had some excellent research from the likes of Ed LeDoux and fellow ROKC forum members. One example of this excellent research was showing from shadow analysis that the infamous “backyard photos” of Oswald are in fact fakes as many of us have long believed (see here).

On a personal note, I managed to publish two more essays where I discuss who I think was likely involved in the assassination (see here and here). Despite my initial lack of confidence, I also managed to do an interview for the ROKC podcast with my fellow ROKC forum member and good friend, Paul Francisco Paso, where we discuss some of my research and the low life dickheads who trash the “Prayer Man” research (this can be listened to here). This now brings me to the lowlights of the year. Those of you who closely follow the ROKC forum will be aware that we have had to deal with many individuals of ill repute; such as the utterly deplorable Brian Doyle. Doyle has been trolling the book reviews of Stan Dane’s excellent book on “Prayer Man” at Amazon. However, he continues to be adeptly dealt with and utterly humiliated for his disgusting behaviour.

Other so-called researchers of ill repute we have had to deal with include Richard Gilbride, Will Whitten, Leslie Sharp, Tom Scully, Bill Miller and others. The one thing all of them have in common is bitter animosity towards the “Prayer Man” evidence. I strongly believe this is because they are very condescending individuals who are jealous of this ground-breaking research. On the bright side, they have all copped a good verbal thumping for their pathetic attempts to trash this research. Another lowlight was the temporary “freezing” of the former Webs ROKC forum. We strongly suspect that the “person” behind this was the infamous Duncan MacRae who runs the utterly deplorable “JFK assassination forum.” On the bright side however, we returned to the ROKC forumotion site which we probably should never have left in the first place.

Leaving the year 2016 behind and moving into the year 2017, many researchers and students of the assassination are eagerly awaiting the release of the remaining classified documents. However, I for one am greatly looking forward to reading volume three of Greg Parker’s book when it is published. Although we don’t always see eye to eye, I sincerely believe Parker is the greatest researcher out there. Aside from the excellent quality of his research, nobody’s research has had as much influence on my own research than his has. The first two volumes of his book alone contain much never before seen research which every serious researcher and student of the assassination should familiarise themselves with. As for my own efforts, although I will continue to research the assassination at least until volume three of Parker’s book is published, I will be focusing more on my health and wellbeing; which I am ashamed to admit I haven’t given the attention I should have for the past couple of years.  

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The time wasters

It has been 53 years since John F. Kennedy was assassinated. To this very day, the bullshit theories from the two Oswalds horseshit to the Zapruder film being fake unfortunately continue to pollute online assassination forums. Meanwhile, those of us at Greg Parker’s ROKC forum continue to bring to light new research to move the case forward with the hope of having it reopened for a new investigation. We believe the best way to do this is to obtain HD scans of the original Weigman and Darnell films taken at the time of the assassination; which we believe (with the utmost confidence) will show Lee Harvey Oswald standing on the front steps of the TSBD building at the time of the assassination. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, be sure to check out Bart Kamp’s fantastic movie on the topic of “Prayer Man” (see here).

Instead of supporting our goal to obtain these HD scans of both films, there are so-called researchers out there who would much rather talk about there being two Oswalds, the Zapruder film being faked, and how many shots were fired; amongst other things. I wholeheartedly believe that these people are wasting time; as it is highly unlikely that any of these topics will get the case reopened. Mind you, when I first started this blog, I was very interested in the medical and ballistics evidence. However, after joining the ROKC forum, my focus shifted towards trying to uncover the identities of those involved in framing Oswald; and on the “Prayer Man” research. There are certain so-called researchers of ill repute who constantly trash the “Prayer Man” research by making the utterly absurd claim that “Prayer Man” is not Oswald but rather a woman. However, anyone with a properly functioning brain and properly functioning eyes can clearly see that “Prayer Man” is a male figure who looks like Oswald.

Aside from the woman claim, there are those who claim that if Oswald was the designated patsy, it would be absurd for the conspirators to allow him to stand outside the TSBD during the assassination. Although I can empathize with this line of thinking, I don’t think it really mattered. Let me explain why. First of all, as I’m sure any rational human being can appreciate, someone had to be held accountable for the President’s assassination. There was no way in hell the Dallas Police Department (who had jurisdiction for the crime) were going to tell the American public; let alone the entire world, that they had no idea who was responsible for the President’s murder. Just think of the utter humiliation it would bring to them. The corruption of the DPD and the then district attorney, Henry Wade, has been well documented by several researchers. For example, be sure to check out Greg Parker’s terrific essay entitled “Oswald’s Alibi and the Reid Interrogation Technique” (click here).

As we all know, within forty five minutes of the President’s assassination (depending on what time you think it happened) Dallas Policeman J. D. Tippit was gunned down. As I have stated elsewhere, I believe that the whole purpose of the Tippit murder was to ensure the DPD would nail Oswald to the wall for the President’s assassination. There is plenty of reason to believe this was the case (see my essay “Gerald Hill and the Framing of Lee Harvey Oswald” for example). Just think; is it really just a big fat coincidence that of all the people who could have been murdered soon after the President’s assassination, it just happened to be a Dallas cop? I don’t think so. The bottom line for me is that it doesn’t matter if Oswald was standing on the front steps of the TSBD at the time of the assassination; as the DPD were going to publicly declare him the President’s assassin because of the Tippit murder.

Although I could go on, other bullshit claims against Oswald being “Prayer Man” have been soundly dealt with at the ROKC forum and elsewhere. Besides, NOTHING (and I mean NOTHING) these time wasters say will ever change the mountain of evidence showing (beyond a reasonable doubt) that Oswald was “Prayer Man.” They will just have to learn to live with it. I apologise if I sound somewhat smug/condescending with some of the things I said above, but I felt that they needed to be said. In closing, the likes of Sean Murphy, Richard Hocking, Greg Parker, Ed LeDoux, Stan Dane, Terry Martin, Bart Kamp and others deserve the utmost praise for their efforts concerning the “Prayer Man” research.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Gerald Hill and the Framing of Lee Harvey Oswald

Back in May, 2014, my essay “Gerald Hill and the Framing of Lee Harvey Oswald” (where I discuss evidence pointing to Hill’s complicity in framing Oswald for the murder of Dallas Policeman J. D. Tippit) was published at the now defunct CTKA website. It can now be read at the “Kennedys and King” website (click here).

Prior to writing this essay, I wrote a mammoth two part review of Dale Myers deceptive book on the Tippit murder (click here to go to part one of the review).