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Arguments against conspiracy

Ever since I began researching the assassination of President Kennedy in February 2009, I have come across many arguments against conspiracy by lone gunman advocates. Arguments have ranged from well-reasoned, to downright dishonest and completely absurd. In this post, I will address some of these arguments to the best of my ability. I will continue to add more responses, as I continue to post.

(Please note: The following arguments and questions are not exact quotes. I have extracted them from various YouTube posts, forums, and from websites upholding the lone gunman myth.)

“Only bullets which were ballistically matched to Oswald’s rifle were discovered. No other bullets were discovered”

Without a doubt, this is one of the oldest arguments against conspiracy. I would like lone gunman zealots to actually show me photographs which prove Police officers, FBI agents, and secret service agents actually combed Dealey Plaza searching for bullets. Good luck, because the truth is, there are no photographs or reports confirming that such a search was made!

As for Ce399 (the magic bullet), the work by Josiah Thompson, Gary Aguilar, and John Hunt, has proven that it was never fired in Dealey Plaza, but rather switched for the actual bullet discovered by hospital orderly, Darrell Tomlinson! Be sure to see this important article by Jim DiEugenio. Also, researcher Robert Harris wrote a highly informative article on other bullets which were discovered at Parkland hospital. The article is posted on the website. See here.

As for the bullet fragments recovered from the Limousine, many conspiracy theorists believe these were also planted. However, as I’ve explained in previous posts, I don’t. As for any bullets recovered from the interior of the limousine, we will never know how many were actually discovered. Lone gunman theorists contend that the FBI would not hide any evidence of additional bullets. If the articles I cited previously don’t convince you otherwise, then frankly I don’t what will. Oh, let’s remember that J. Edgar Hoover decided on day one that Oswald was the sole assassin!

“Why would the conspirators use more than one gunman if they were trying to frame Oswald?”

That’s a Good question. I can think of a couple of reasons.

1.      Suppose the conspirators didn’t have access to any of the windows of the TSBD, because spectators were located on every floor. The conspirators (most likely impersonating secret service agents) could have asked the spectators to leave, but would they then fire at the President from that floor, knowing they had been seen by witnesses. I really don’t think so.

2.      Suppose the bolt of the rifle had become jammed. The assassination could then have failed. Do lone gunman advocates really believe the conspirators would have taken such a risk? I sure as hell don’t think so.

Also, are we really to believe the conspirators would simply rely on the marksmanship of one shooter? I highly doubt that. In all likelihood, the conspirators would place back-up shooters in other locations to fire on the President if necessary. Wouldn’t you if you were a conspirator – in light of what I mentioned above?

In my opinion, apart from the shooter in the 6th floor window of the TSBD, a shooter was located on the 7th floor of the Dal-Tex building, and one behind the picket fence on top of the Grassy knoll. The shot near President Kennedy’s EOP, and the shot to Governor Connally, was most likely from automatic/semi-automatic gunfire. My belief is the back-up shooter in the Dal-Tex building panicked and fired a couple of rounds, after realising the TSBD shooter hadn’t hit the President in the head yet.

“In a conspiracy involving dozens of conspirators, someone would have talked by now.”

This is another old tactic by lone gunman advocates to dismiss any notion of a conspiracy. First of all, who said this had to be a conspiracy involving dozens of people? For all we know, there could have been only 20 conspirators involved. Secondly, we know through the research of authors such as Jim Garrison, Anthony summers, Larry Hancock, and Jim Marrs that people did talk!

People such as CIA double agent Richard Case Nagell, drug addict Rose Cheramie, mafia associate John Martino, and CIA operative David Morales all expressed foreknowledge of the plot. Morales allegedly confessed to one of his friends: “we took care of that SOB didn’t we”. Cheramie actually claimed that a man named Jack Rubenstein (aka Jack Ruby) was involved! We of course have the infamous Sylvia Odio incident, which was discussed in depth by author Sylvia Meagher in her sterling book, Accessories after the fact. Oh and how can we forget that Jack Ruby himself claimed the assassination was a conspiracy! I don’t wish to discuss these incidents at this time, but could warren commission zealots be this ignorant? You bet they can.

“The three men watching the motorcade from the 5th floor of the TSBD, heard exactly three shots fired above them, and heard the bolt of the rifle being worked, and the shell casings hit the floor”

This is one of the most dishonest and bullshit arguments I have ever read! The fact is, only Harold Norman claimed to hear the bolt of the rifle being worked. However, in his first interview with the FBI, he made no mention of this! Bonnie Ray Williams told the Dallas sheriff’s office and the FBI, that he heard only TWO shots! Both Harold Norman and James Earl Jarman described the last two shots as been fired close together (when the LPM theory holds they were fired 4.9 seconds apart).

Now, both Jarman and Williams told the Warren commission that Norman claimed to have heard the bolt of the rifle being worked, and the shell casings hitting the floor. However, there is reason to believe they lied. You see, neither one of them apparently believed it was important enough to tell the authorities that Norman said this – even though they claimed to hear the shots fired above them.

Let’s also bear in mind, that according to scientific studies, the sound of rifle fire has a deafening effect on the ears, and causes the ears to ring! So are we to believe that Harold Norman (who was standing just 10 feet below the snipers nest) heard the deafening sound of rifle fire, and was still able to hear the bolt of the rifle, and empty shell casings hit the floor? Completely ridiculous! Yet, Warren commission zealots believe it.

I apologise for having to repeat what I have discussed previously. However, when I read such garbage, I feel I have an obligation to discuss it as much as I have to.

“Over 90% of witnesses in Dealey Plaza, heard exactly three shots or less”

Yes that’s true. But it’s hardly an argument against conspiracy. Please see this post.

“No suspicious men were ever seen inside the TSBD, so Oswald had to be the assassin”

It is true that no suspicious men were reported to be seen by the witnesses inside the TSBD. However, does that actually mean there weren’t any? Of course not. Just because you don’t see somebody, that doesn’t mean they were never there. Now if there is one thing I am 100% certain of, it is that there had to be an inside man to allow the real assassins into the building. The inside man could very well have been Oswald himself. However, my suspicions are on the building super intendant, Roy Truly! I realise this sounds rather crazy, but when we look into Truly’s actions following the assassination, a reasonable case can be made for his complicity.

I will be discussing Truly’s possible involvement in the assassination in a later post. In the meantime, let’s look at some of the suspicious characters seen by witnesses in Dealey Plaza.  What about the man James Worrell saw running out the back of the TSBD? What about the two men Carolyn Walther saw together – with one of them holding a rifle in his hand? What about Arnold Rowland, who saw a white man on the 6th floor, holding what appeared to be a high powered rifle in his hand, and a dark complected man standing near him?

What about the man officer Baker claimed in his first day affidavit he encountered in the TSBD walking away from the stairwell? Baker described the man as “approximately 30 years old, 5‘9” tall, 165 pounds, dark hair and wearing a light brown jacket” – a description which doesn’t match Oswald.    

How about the man Roger Craig and three other witnesses observed getting into the rambler station wagon, and droving off towards the Oak Cliff area of Dallas? There has been a great amount of debate amongst researchers as to whether or not the man was Oswald or a look alike. I for one firmly believe it was Oswald – as I will explain in an upcoming post.

What about the man Lillian Mooneyham observed standing on the 6th floor of the TSBD about 4 ½ to 5 minutes after the assassination (by which time Oswald had already left the building)? What about the men Dallas police Officers Joe Marshall Smith, and Sgt D.V Harkness encountered claiming to be secret service agents? We know from the Secret service itself that no genuine secret service agents were In Dealey Plaza immediately following the assassination!

I could go on, but for now, I won’t.

Lone gunman kooks have naturally tried to dismiss all of these observations and incidents as being non-sinister. I think they all deserve to be discussed in separate posts, which I will hopefully get around to accomplishing in the near future. The impersonation of Secret Service agents is quite telling in my opinion. I mean, what better way was there for the conspirators to not draw suspicion towards themselves, than by pretending to protect the President? Forgive my sarcasm, but if somebody had seen these men and asked them who they were, I don’t think they would’ve identified themselves as CIA assassins!

I think the other important point to note, is that any impersonation of Secret service agents would require prior knowledge that no genuine agents would be on the ground, as the President's motorcade travelled through the plaza.

“Why wouldn’t the conspirators only use Mannlicher Carcano rifles to kill the President?”

This is a good question. Since Oswald was framed with owning a Mannlicher Carcano rifle, it would seem logical that the back-up shooters would also be armed with the same type of rifle. However, as explained above, the work by researchers such as Josiah Thompson, Gary Aguilar, John Hunt, and Robert Harris has proven that Ce399 (the magic bullet), was never fired in Dealey Plaza!

In my post entitled, misrepresenting the shooting sequence, I discussed Pat Speer’s thorough analysis of the statements of 264 witnesses to the assassination, where he has proven quite conclusively that the shot(s) to Governor Connally was fired from a rifle equipped with a silencer.

As for the back-up shooter located in front of the President’s limousine, the most likely choice for a rifle would be one which fires frangible ammunition. Think about it. The MC rifle uses full metal jacketed bullets which aren’t designed to break-up as they penetrate the head/body of the target. Frangible ammunition on the other hand, is designed to break-up as it hits the target. So wouldn’t the conspirators who didn’t want to leave a hole on the left side of President Kennedy’s skull, instinctively use a rifle firing frangible ammunition rather than a MC rifle? Well, it sure makes sense to me.

“There is not a shred of evidence that Oswald was framed for the assassination”

Oh Really? What about the wallet found at the Tippit murder scene containing ID for Oswald and the fictitious name, Alek J. Hidell? FBI agent Robert Barrett insisted he was asked about the names at the murder scene by DPD captain, W.R Westbrook. Policeman Leonard Jez, who was also at the murder scene, told researcher Martha Moyer that the wallet contained ID for Oswald and Hidell. I discussed this issue at length in this post.

What about Oswald’s alleged ownership of the rifle? The extraordinary research by John Armstrong and Gil Jesus has proven that Oswald didn’t own the rifle! I also discussed the so-called backyard photos, and the imperial reflex camera Marina Oswald allegedly used to take the photos in the same post as the wallet issue. Since it has been proven that Oswald didn't own the rifle, but his hand writing was identified on the money order for the rifle, the most logical conclusion is that his hand writing was forged.

How about the shells at the Tippit murder scene? The shells were not inventoried on the first day evidence report! In fact, the DPD didn’t send the shells to the FBI for identification, until the 28th of November. The DPD also retained three of the four bullets recovered from Tippit’s body, and sent the most mangled bullet to try and match up to “Oswald’s” revolver! Officer Joe M. Poe who was handed two of the spent shell casings at the Tippit murder scene, informed the FBI that he had placed his initials on them. Yet, his initials are nowhere to be found on them. Now that’s a bit odd, isn’t it? Well not according to Warren commission zealots.  

However, let me make one thing clear. I do believe that the Ce143 revolver (which Oswald was allegedly arrested carrying inside the Texas Theatre) was the gun used to murder Officer J.D Tippit. I believe that DPD Officer Gerald Hill was attempting to plant this gun on Oswald during his scuffle with the Police. Please refer to this article. Now, although I do believe it was the murder weapon, I nevertheless believe that the DPD substituted the shell casings (as countless researchers have explained) to ensure Oswald would be found guilty.

“There is no evidence of a shooter in front of Kennedy’s limousine”

I discussed this utterly ridiculous assertion in this post.

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