Friday, 18 January 2013

Approaching the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination

Over on John Simkin’s Spartacus education forum, there is currently a debate amongst JFK assassination researchers on who should represent the critics of the Warren Commission on the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s unfortunate and tragic death. If you were to ask me, I would pick Jim Douglass and Jim DiEugenio as first choices.

As many of you are undoubtedly aware, Douglass authored the seminal book on John F. Kennedy’s Presidency and his assassination entitled JFK and the unspeakable, why he died and why it matters. This is an absolutely essential book for any fan of President Kennedy, and anyone dedicated to seeking the truth behind his assassination.

As many of you are also aware, Jim DiEugenio recently released the second edition of his book, Destiny betrayed. Like Jim Douglass’s book, this book is a must read for any fan of President Kennedy, and anyone dedicated to seeking the truth behind his assassination. There are very few people across the world who know and care more about John F. Kennedy and his assassination, than Jim DiEugenio. Therefore, he is naturally a first choice of mine to represent the critics of the Warren Commission on the 50th anniversary of the assassination.

As second choices, I would pick Larry Hancock and Pat Speer. As most of you are aware, Hancock is the author of the book, Someone would have talked. I consider Hancock to be a very intelligent and dedicated researcher – whose book provides a great quantity of information concerning former CIA Officers, anti- Castro Cuban exiles, Jack Ruby (Oswald’s murderer) etc. As with the aforementioned books, Hancock’s book is a must read for all serious assassination researchers.

As I’ve stated previously on my blog, Pat Speer is one of the most underrated JFK assassination researchers. Speer’s website on the assassination contains the most thorough and comprehensive analysis on the ear/eye witnesses to the assassination, and also on the medical evidence. There is also much information on Speer’s website concerning the paper gun sack which Oswald allegedly used to smuggle the rifle into the TSBD etc.

There are also many other highly competent researchers on the assassination such as William Kelly, Lee Farley, Greg Parker, and Bill Simpich - all of whom I would highly recommend to represent the critics. However, there are also many critics whom I would strongly recommend against. Two of them are David Lifton and Jim Fetzer.

Without a doubt, Lifton and Fetzer are two of the most arrogant, narcissistic, and paranoid JFK assassination researchers ever. Lifton and Fetzer are well known for insulting fellow assassination researchers - who disagree with their views on the assassination. Lifton and Fetzer are also well known for their utterly absurd theories, such as body alteration. Honest to God, if either one of them is chosen to represent the critical community; we are all in deep shit!

Let me conclude by stating that it was truly heartening to see Robert Kennedy Jr. (President Kennedy’s nephew) publically declaring that he doesn’t believe in the lone gunman myth. However, it was quite disappointing to read that he embraced the belief that the mafia were behind the assassination – when all the circumstantial evidence indicates that it was rogue CIA Officers, such as David Phillips, and anti - Castro Cuban exiles who were actually responsible! Nevertheless, it was quite pleasing to see that there are members of President Kennedy’s family who do not embrace the Warren Commission’s utter bullshit concerning the assassination.

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  1. Please note:

    I should also note that it is extremely disappointing that there are many people who could care less about who killed President Kennedy.

    For example, Craig Lamson. Lamson is an ultra right-wing psychopathic asshole who is a member of John Simkin's education forum. Lamson has made it clear on a number of occassions that he doesn't give a shit about JFK.

    He has also admitted that he taunts fellow members of Simkin's forum for entertainment. What a bloody asshole!


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