Thursday, 14 February 2013

Request for help with research!

Dear fellow assassination researchers,

I require some assistance in my research into the suspicious actions of DPD Sgt Gerald Hill, following the assassination of President Kennedy. On John Simkin’s education forum, researcher Duke Lane made the claim that Gerald Hill had his arm accidentally grabbed and (almost) handcuffed by a fellow Officer during Oswald’s arrest at the Texas Theatre.

Although I trust Duke Lane; as I consider him to be an honest researcher, I am unable to locate the interview/report in which it is claimed that Hill had his arm (almost) handcuffed. The significance of this claim is that DPD Officer Ray Hawkins claimed in his report to DPD Chief Jesse Curry concerning Oswald’s arrest (here), and during his Warren Commission testimony, that Hill had grabbed “Oswald’s” gun during the scuffle with Oswald inside the Theatre.

As I explained in this two part article, Hill was most likely involved in framing Oswald for the murder of DPD Officer, J.D Tippit! I would like to know if it was definitely Hill who had his arm grabbed and (almost) handcuffed, and if it was Officer Hawkins who had grabbed Hill’s arm during the scuffle. If it was indeed Hawkins, then he had most likely grabbed Hill’s arm because he had seen a gun in his hand. It would also certainly explain why Hawkins’s was fairly adamant that it was Hill who had “grabbed” the gun inside the Theatre.

Let me also state that DPD Captain William Ralph Westbrook claimed during his Warren Commission testimony that one of the Officers did have his arm accidentally grabbed inside the Theatre, but didn’t know which Officer it was. Furthermore, DPD Officer John Toney who was also present inside the Theatre at the time of Oswald’s arrest, informed Larry Sneed who authored the book No more silence, that he heard one of the Officers yell out “somebody let go of my arm you SOB; you’re breaking my arm!”

I would greatly appreciate any and all help that can be provided. Please email me the information you are willing to provide me to

I realise that I wrote my article on Hill three months ago. However, I have only recently returned to this particular issue concerning Hill.

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