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Fifteen simple questions for Gary Mack

Over on the website (here), Jim DiEugenio has posted his new article on Gary Mack entitled Gary Mack Strikes Again. In my opinion, this was a nice article for which I would like to thank Jim DiEugenio. His contribution to anything related to President Kennedy and his assassination, are always of enormous value. I think anyone interested in the truth behind the assassination (not lone gunman zealots) would agree with me.

Gary Mack is well known as the long-time curator of the 6th floor museum, located in Dealey Plaza. He is also well known for his involvement in the utterly deceitful programs; Inside the Target Car, and The Ruby connection (be sure to check out Jim DiEugenio’s reviews of these programs, here and here, if you haven’t already). As many researchers are also aware, Gary was once an ardent conspiracy advocate himself, but is now of the opinion that Oswald was the assassin of President Kennedy – although he claims that he doesn’t dismiss the notion of a conspiracy altogether.

After reading through DiEugenio’s article, I have decided to publically ask Gary 15 simple questions related to the assassination of President Kennedy, and its aftermath. We all know that according to the Warren Commission, Lee Harvey Oswald acting at his own behest fired three shots at the President from the 6th floor of the TSBD. Oswald then allegedly fled by Cab to his rooming house (after the bus he allegedly boarded became stuck in traffic), where he picked up “his” revolver. My discussion of Oswald’s “escape” from the TSBD can be read here.

After allegedly picking up “his” revolver, he decided for some very mysterious reason to go for a walk – instead of fleeing Dallas by bus, for example, after allegedly murdering the President in cold blood. He then allegedly encountered DPD Officer, J.D Tippit, and shot him to avoid being arrested. Oswald was then arrested at the Texas Theatre; after he allegedly tried to shoot DPD Officer, Nick McDonald (see here for my discussion of this incident).

My questions for Gary Mack are as follows:

1). If the Warren Commission had evidence that the democratically elected President of the United States was assassinated at the behest of the CIA (one of their own Government agencies), do you honestly believe that they would tell that to the American people – and the rest of the world for that matter?

2). If Oswald really did order the MC rifle using the Hidell alias – obviously in order to conceal the fact that he had ordered it, then why in God’s names did he have it delivered to his P.O box which was under his real name? (You see, doing that would have defeated the entire purpose of Oswald using an alias in the first place).

3). If Oswald really did order the MC rifle via money order, then why aren’t the stamps from the financial institutions which allegedly processed it on the order – as they must have been had it actually been processed? (See here for researcher Gil Jesus’s discussion of the money order).

4). In this press conference, when DPD chief Jesse Curry was specifically asked if Oswald had travelled to “the other side of town” by a bus, why on Earth didn’t Curry inform them that the DPD had discovered the bus transfer in Oswald’s pocket – especially in light of the fact that he had informed them that “we have heard that he [Oswald] was picked up by a Negroe, in a car”?

5). In this press conference, when DPD Chief Jesse Curry is explaining to reporters that the money order for the MC rifle had been found, and that the FBI determined Oswald’s handwriting was on the order, and that he used the name Hidell to order the rifle – why on Earth didn’t he inform them that Oswald was carrying the fake selective service card bearing the name Hidell inside his wallet when arrested? (Surely if Oswald was really carrying the card in his wallet, Curry would have told the reporters!).

6). If the DPD dispatcher, Murray Jackson, had really ordered Tippit to: “move into central Oak Cliff area” and then allegedly instructed him: “You will be at large for any emergency that comes in” after supposedly realising that the Central Oak Cliff area was being drained of Police resources, why didn’t Jackson instruct William Mentzel, the DPD Officer assigned to the central Oak Cliff area, to be at large for an emergency in his own patrol district?

7). If DPD Sgt Gerald Hill had no involvement in the assassination, why did he lie about his actions following the President’s assassination, as I demonstrated in this article?

8). If there were really three shots fired from the 6th floor window of the TSBD, then how do you explain the fact that Bonnie Ray Williams told the Dallas Sheriff’s Office on the day of the assassination, and the FBI on the following day, that he heard only TWO shots above him? (I trust you are aware of all the problems with the spent shell casing designated as Ce543).

9). Why should anyone believe that Harold Norman actually heard the bolt of the rifle being worked and the spent shell casings hitting the floor above him, when he made absolutely no mention of this during his initial interview with the FBI on the 26th of November?

10). Why did it, miraculously, take an entire two weeks for the DPD to take a statement from Johnny Brewer; the man who allegedly lead the Dallas Police to Texas Theatre, where they arrested the accused murderer of not only one of their own Officers, but also the President? (Need I add that Julia Postal, the Texas Theatre cashier who allegedly called the Police, didn’t provide an affidavit to the DPD until the 4th of December).

11). If Oswald’s lunchroom encounter with Roy Truly and DPD Officer Marrion baker did actually occur, then why didn’t Baker mention this in his affidavit on the day of the assassination – claiming instead that he encountered a man walking away from the stairway on the 3rd or 4th floor?

12). There were no DPD Officers, FBI agents, or Secret Service agents assigned to the parking lot behind the picket fence during the assassination, so who was the man whom Dallas deputy Sheriff W.W “Bo” Mabra claimed he encountered there (and whom Mabra believed was a City Officer) following the assassination?

13). If President Kennedy was really hit in the back by a MC bullet (which has a diameter of 6.8mm), then why was the wound only 7 by 4mm, as measured during his autopsy?

14). If Sergio Arcacha Smith had no involvement in the assassination, do you honestly believe it is just a coincidence that he was identified as one of Rose Cheramie’s companions at the silver slipper – and also had diagrams of the Dealey Plaza Sewer system in his apartment?

15). Why should anyone believe that Charles Givens was being truthful when he claimed that he last observed Oswald on the 6th floor of the TSBD at approximately 11:55 am – when he made absolutely no mention of this during his initial interview with the FBI on the 23rd of November?

I could easily have asked many more questions, but I didn’t want to overwhelm Gary with too many questions. Now, if Gary is willing to answer any or all of my above questions, he can post his answers below as a comment, or alternatively, he can email me at I think all of the above questions are important, and I would greatly appreciate reasonable answers.

I also encourage the defenders of lone gunman myth – who are certain that Oswald was the President’s assassin, to provide answers to the above questions. Let me state that I reserve the right to post any privately emailed answers to my questions on my blog, along with my responses to those answers.

If Gary Mack and others have a problem with me posting their answers to the above questions on my blog, then they should simply not provide any answers. However, if Gary is really interested in only the truth behind the assassination; as he claims, then he should have absolutely no problem with publically providing answers to my questions.

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