Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Review of Destiny Betrayed (2nd edition), by Albert Rossi

A very long review of Jim DiEugenio’s exceptionally well written and resourced book, Destiny Betrayed (second edition), has been posted on the Destiny Betrayed website (See here). The review was written by a man named Albert Grossi. It’s a very well written review which delves into all the major highlights of Mr DiEugenio’s book. I strongly recommend every serious assassination researcher who doesn’t own a copy of Mr DiEugenio’s book to take their time to read Mr Grossi’s review, and to then seriously consider purchasing a copy of it.
Also, be sure to check out George Bailey’s review of the book (here) on his blog. I have been following Mr Bailey’s blog for quite a while, and I honestly consider it to be a great resource of information on the assassination. I recommend that researchers take their time to read through Mr Bailey’s blog articles.
Well done to both Mr Grossi and Mr Bailey for their reviews!


  1. Hello, Hasan.

    Great website. Have printed out pretty much the entire blog. Keep up the great work.

    Regarding DiEugenio: the book is okay (although a lot less new in there if compared with Alparelli's just released "Secret Order" or Mellen's "Our Man in Haiti"). But don't you think it somewhat untoward for DiEugenio to feature as a lead post this outrageously long and way-too-favorable review of his own work?

    1. Hi EJK. Thank you for the positive feedback of my blog, however, I honestly think that it is just an average one. As for the review of Jim's book, I think I read somewhere where Jim said that the Destiny Betrayed website was set-up by a fellow named Tom Fairlie. My own opinion of the book is that it is one of the best ever written concerning the assassination.

      Please feel free to post comments anywhere you like, and thank you for taking the time to read through my blog.



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