Saturday, 17 August 2013

John McAdams: Disinformation artist extraordinaire

Want to know why lone gunman zealots such as John McAdams are not to be trusted concerning the assassination of President Kennedy? Just read through this article by assassination researcher Jim DiEugenio on the website.
Mr DiEugenio succinctly explains why John McAdams and his fellow lone gunman zealots, such as David Von Pein and David Reitz, are nothing but liars who have no interest whatsoever in the truth behind the President’s assassination.


  1. I find it astounding sometimes, that people with academic letters after their name do not write well.By this I mean they cannot analyse, they present allegations and assertions as fact rather than debate and make conclusions first and then waffle.
    I have a phd myself in a similar displine and I work at a university.
    In my view John McAdams writes so poorly and with such unjustifiable bias
    that one is forced to question his powers of comprehension or his motivation.

    1. Thanks for your comment. McAdams is nothing but a promoter of bullshit. He has no interest in the truth behind the assassination, or about who President Kennedy really was and what he stood for.


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