Sunday, 9 March 2014

My review of Dale Myers' shitty book

Just recently, JFK assassination researchers John Kelin and Jim DiEugenio published part 1 of my lengthy review of With Malice, on the website (see here). The book, of course, was authored by the utterly condescending and dishonest piece of shit known as Dale Myers. There is little doubt in my mind that Myers will write a condescending and snide rebuttal to my review. After all, Myers is far too arrogant not to. Although the review is 60 pages long, there were many things which I had to leave out, as the review would be far too long otherwise.
In his rebuttal, I feel certain that some of the things which Myers will write are the following:
1). That contrary to all the evidence that the dispatchers on channel one of the DPD radio ordered all Police squads to proceed to Elm and Houston streets, the actual tape recordings do contain an order for only the squads in the downtown area to proceed to Elm and Houston streets. However, as I explain throughout my review, Myers is not to be trusted.
2). That despite the fact WCE 705 does not contain the alleged transmission by Tippit that he’s at Kiest and Bonnieview after Murray Jackson allegedly orders him to move into the central Oak Cliff area, it definitely was Tippit who made that transmission. Also, Myers will probably state that it was definitely Tippit who told Jackson that he’s at Lancaster and Eight after Jackson asks him if he’s in the Oak Cliff area. Of course, Myers will dismiss the notion that Tippit’s voice was impersonated, or that all of the so-called transmissions by Tippit over the DPD radio were substituted by somebody else’s voice in order to conceal what Tippit’s voice sounded like.
3). That “anybody with a brain” knows that contradictions between the statements of the witnesses and officers involved in Oswald’s arrest are to be expected concerning how Oswald allegedly pulled out “his” revolver and tried to shoot Officer Nick McDonald, and that it doesn’t necessarily mean they were lying. But on the contrary, anybody with a brain, and more importantly, honesty, knows that these contradictions raise serious doubts on the veracity of the notion that Oswald pulled out “his” revolver and tried to shoot McDonald. Not that Myers gives a shit, mind you.
4). It is absurd to say that Tippit’s close family members and friends would vehemently deny any allegations that Tippit may have been part of a conspiracy (as many researchers have alleged) to spare themselves any shame and embarrassment. But just consider that if Tippit was a friend of yours; or a family member, wouldn’t you feel ashamed and embarrassed to have been a friend or family member of his after he has been accused of possibly been part of a conspiracy? I sure would. But a jackass like Myers probably can’t understand something like that. Let me point out that I don’t think Tippit was involved in a conspiracy, but lured to Tenth and Patton to be shot.
5). It doesn’t really matter that he (Myers) placed contradictory evidence in his endnotes. On the contrary, it does matter, as readers may not bother to actually read the endnotes. I for one am someone who hardly ever reads the endnotes of any book I’ve read. But since I wrote a review of Myers’ book, I had to read through them.
I could go on, but I will wait to see what kind of a bullshit rebuttal Myers gives to my review. Let me state for the record that I absolutely am not an expert on Tippit’s murder, let alone President Kennedy’s assassination. However, you don’t have to be an expert to point out how dishonest Myers is when it comes to Tippit’s murder. Now, if I’ve misquoted Myers in my review and he points this out, then I will concede my errors. Let me also state that no matter what Myers might believe, his book is absolutely not the definitive book on Tippit’s murder. Just read the review and you’ll see why.
I know that many people will probably disapprove of the language I’ve used above to describe Myers, but I nevertheless stand by it. If it hurts whatever reputation I have, then so be it. I have the utmost disrespect for bullshit artists, and Myers is one of the biggest bullshit artists as far both President Kennedy’s assassination and officer Tippit’s murder is concerned. I will also not be holding back any abusive language towards Myers after reading whatever rebuttal he writes for my review of his utterly deceptive and dishonest book.

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