Sunday, 22 November 2015

Reflections on the 2015 ROKC conference in Melbourne

On November 21 and 22 of this year, the very first conference on the JFK assassination in Australia was held in Melbourne, Victoria, at the Mercure Hotel. The conference was organised by researchers Greg Parker and Frankie Vegas. I had the privilege of attending the conference, and as a Melbournian myself, I was extremely proud of the fact that the conference was held in Melbourne. I was very pleased to have met researchers such as Greg Parker, Vanessa Loney, Colin Crow, Glenn Gilbert, Mick Purdy, and a host of others for the very first time in person. Overall, the conference was terrific; with some very well put together presentations. For example, Phil Hopley discussed the history of the Fair Play for Cuba committee (which I found to be rather enlightening), and Peter Morris discussed the Mannlicher Carcano rifle (which I also found to be quite enlightening).

One of the highlights of the conference was the various items owned by Peter Morris which were put on display. These items included a jacket once owned by Jack Ruby, a piece of the picket fence on top of the infamous “Grassy knoll,” and a brick which was part of the TSBD building. Following the conclusion of the conference on Sunday the 22nd, I took a stroll to what is known as the Treasury Gardens directly across the Mercure Hotel with my brother (who also attended the conference) to take several photographs of a memorial there which was dedicated to President Kennedy. At the time the Mercure Hotel was selected as the venue for the conference, it was not known by either Greg Parker or Frankie Vegas that there was a memorial dedicated to President Kennedy just across the road from there. It was one very interesting coincidence. When time allows, I will upload the photographs I took of the memorial (and the aforementioned items which were put on display) to this blog.

I greatly look forward to a conference being put together in Melbourne for the next anniversary of the assassination, and my appreciation goes out to both Greg Parker and Frankie Vegas for taking the time to put this conference together. My only regret is that the conference did not go for a few more days!

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