Friday, 5 July 2013

New book: Reclaiming Parkland

Highly esteemed JFK assassination researcher, Jim DiEugenio, was kind enough to email me a copy of the current sell sheet for his upcoming book Reclaiming Parkland. I have uploaded it here (below) for any interested person to see what Mr DiEugenio’s new book is all about. I am greatly looking forward to reading a copy of it once it is published, and providing a lengthy review of it on my blog.


  1. Hasan, you seem to be turning into Jimmy D's agent.

    Your stuff is great. No need to bow down to someone to spends most of his time running for King of the Research Community. . .

    1. I appreciate your compliment about my blog, EJK. As for Jim Di, I have a bit of a soft spot for him. You see, if it hadn't been for CTKA, I probably would have given up on researching the assassination, because of all the ridiculous theories of who (and how) the President was killed. Besides, I think he is a genuine truth seeker.

      I can understand how some people would consider him to be a bit arrogant, but I think he seems that way because he is passionate about finding the truth.

      That's just my honest opinion, but no, I am NOT "bowing down" to him. There are many things I disagree with him about, but I greatly admire him for arguing against liars such as David Von Pein; someone who doesn't give a shit about the truth behind the assassination.



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