Tuesday, 2 July 2013

“Ron Rosenbaum Fires the First Salvo”, by Jim DiEugenio

Up on the CTKA website is an excellent article by Jim DiEugenio entitled “Ron Rosenbaum Fires the First Salvo” (see here). Mr DiEugenio explains the lengths to which journalistic shills such as Rosenbaum go to in order to uphold the utterly absurd conclusions of the Warren Commission. One of Rosenbaum’s most disingenuous claims is that Earlene Roberts, the house keeper of the 1026 North Beckley rooming house where Oswald was allegedly living under the name “O.H Lee”, died before she could testify before the Warren Commission!
Yet as anyone who has studied the JFK assassination should be aware, Roberts did testify before the Warren Commission, and actually died on January 9, 1966, from a heart attack. Mr DiEugenio is currently working on the second part of his article, and I am greatly looking forward to reading it.

As a personal challenge to these Oswald acted alone shills, perhaps they would care to answer the 15 simple questions I had asked Gary Mack here.

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