Friday, 17 August 2012

The Warren commission would tell the truth?

Defenders of the Warren commission constantly tell us the Warren Commission would not hide the truth behind the assassination of President Kennedy. They remind us over and over again that such “honourable” men would not hide any evidence of a conspiracy. Really? Let’s just take into account all the suspect groups, from the CIA, KGB, the mafia, Fidel Castro, anti-Castro Cubans, the Ku Klux Klan, LBJ and the Texas oilmen etc. The one question I always ask myself is this: Do Warren commission defenders actually believe that no one on the Warren commission would allow their political differences with the late President to get in the way of honestly investigating his assassination? If you ask me, this is complete non-sense!
Let us never forget that JFK was a liberal democrat. Five of the seven commissioners (Warren, Dulles, McCloy, Cooper, and Ford) were Republicans. Let us also bear in mind that JFK fired Dulles when he was CIA director and ruined his career, after JFK discovered (through the Taylor inquiry) that Dulles had deceived him concerning the Bay of Pigs invasion. Taking this fact into account, does anyone honestly believe that Dulles actually cared who killed JFK? Does anyone also believe that Dulles – a former CIA director, would in any way support the notion that his beloved CIA was a part of the assassination? Well, if you’re a diehard Warren commission zealot, you sure can. However, enough said about Dulles. Let’s take a look at the suspect groups.
Let’s begin with the CIA. Undoubtedly, the CIA has been accused more than any other group of being behind the assassination. Does anybody in their right mind actually believe that the Warren commission would tell the American people (and the world), that their democratically elected President was murdered by people from one of their own Government agencies? I don’t think so! Just imagine the impact it would have on the psyche of the American people. Surely, there would be nothing but constant fear. The fear being that the CIA could do anything to the American public, since they murdered their President. I really shouldn’t have to be explaining this. However, there are many lost souls who actually believe the Warren commission would not hide any CIA involvement in the assassination. Go figure.
Well what about the KGB and Fidel Castro? Does anyone really think that after being on the brink of nuclear war with the Unites States, the Warren Commission would inform the nation and the world that the Soviets or Castro assassinated the President – and risk retaliation by the US military which could lead to a nuclear confrontation and the deaths of millions of people?  I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell don’t think so. Today, there are only a small number of people who actually buy into the Castro/Soviets done it theory. Since JFK had successfully brought the Cuban missile crisis to a peaceful end with the soviets, and jointly signed the nuclear test ban treaty, I don’t think the Soviets had any reason for wanting the President assassinated. Let’s also bear in mind that JFK was on the brink of reaching a d├ętente with Fidel Castro, through reporter Lisa Howard, journalist William Attwood, and French journalist Jean Daniel (this was covered in Jim Douglass’s masterpiece, JFK and the Unspeakable). So I just don’t see any reason for Castro wanting JFK dead. In fact, Castro was with Daniel on the day JFK was assassinated. According to Daniel, when the news broke that Kennedy was killed, Castro became distraught and uttered words to the effect “everything is now changed, nothing will be the same
How about the anti-Castro Cubans? Many people (myself included), are huge supporters of the CIA and anti-Castro Cuban conspiracy theory. Often, lone gunman kooks mock conspiracy theorists for believing the CIA as an organisation was involved. Well I don’t think anybody is saying the CIA as an organisation was involved. What most of us believe is that rogue elements of the CIA were in on the plot with the anti-Castro Cubans. The usual suspects include David Atlee Philips, E. Howard hunt, James Jesus Angleton, Richard Helms, David Morales, and yes, Allen Dulles. So why would the Warren Commission cover-up the involvement of the anti-Castro Cubans? Well, I believe it would be to prevent a war between the Pro-Castro Cubans (and their soviet allies), against the anti-Castro Cubans. More importantly however, I believe it would be to prevent any involvement of the US military, which could again lead to a nuclear confrontation. Let’s also bear in mind that any incrimination of the anti-Castro Cubans would have lead straight back to the Bay of Pigs invasion - and therefore the CIA. So there’s your cover-up right there.
So what about the Mafia? Do lone gunman kooks really believe that the Warren Commission would point the finger at a bunch of low lives such as Sam Giancana, Santos Trafficante, and Carlos Marcello? Just what kind of a message would that send to the American public? Well, I think the message would be: If the mafia can murder the President in broad day light in front of hundreds of witnesses, what can’t they do. Right? I for one do believe there was some mafia involvement in the assassination – with Jack Ruby’s killing of Oswald, and Jim Braden’s arrest outside the Dal-Tex building. However, I lean more towards the mafia being used as a secondary scape goat by the CIA and anti-Castro Cubans – should the public not buy into the Oswald killed Kennedy by himself myth.
Well how about the Ku Klux Klan. They certainly had a motive for killing JFK didn’t they? After all, he went on national Television supporting civil rights for African Americans, and was the only white politician to support the march on Washington. Now, what might have happened if the Warren commission had informed the nation that a bunch of racist thugs murdered the President? Wouldn’t it have provoked a massive racial riot between African Americans and whites? I sure think it would have. I really don’t think the Warren commission would risk the outbreak of a massive racial riot - had they come to believe the Klan were behind the assassination.
I’m not even going to bother going into the utterly preposterous notion that the Warren Commission would even hint that the new President, LBJ, had anything to do with the assassination. I’m 100% certain that any rational human understands exactly why. But hey, perhaps the lone gunman kooks don’t. It would hardly surprise me if they didn’t.
The purpose of the Warren commission was never to uncover the truth. Their sole purpose was to cover it up, and peddle the myth that a “lone deranged” gunman (Oswald), assassinated the President at his own behest. However, let me make one thing perfectly clear: I don’t blame the many people who refuse to believe the US Government or the CIA could have anything to do with the assassination of one of their former Presidents. It's not something easy to believe in. Also, whenever I hear Warren commission defenders rave and rant that they would not cover-up any complicity of either one of the aforementioned suspect groups, I just shake my head in utter disbelief.

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