Thursday, 16 August 2012

Why the JFK assassination still matters

On November 22nd this year, it will be exactly 49 years since John F Kennedy was brutally gunned down in Dallas Texas. I have read on many YouTube posts and websites people asking the question of whether the assassination of JFK still matters today. Others have claimed that it no longer matters since it was a long time ago. Sorry, but I think it matters a lot. It matters because we owe it to him to find out who killed him, for his actions during the Cuban missile crisis. Kennedy’s decision to blockade rather than invade almost certainly prevented a nuclear holocaust which would have cost the lives of literally millions of people. The radiation would also have had devastating effects on the world’s food stocks. Millions of people would have been left without non-toxic food to eat- and would have starved to death. Let us also bear in mind the devastating effect it would have on the global climate.
Now do I think JFK was the greatest American President? No (In my opinion that honour rightly belongs to Abraham Lincoln). Do I think he was a great President? Yes, I do. I think the assassination matters because his family deserves to know the truth. I think it matters because the American people deserve to know who was behind the assassination of their 35th President. I suppose many of you are wondering why a guy with an Arabic name like me is so interested in the death of an American President. Well first of all, I am not Arabic. I am a Turkish Cypriot. Secondly, I admire Kennedy because he was not like many US presidents before and after him. He did not carry the attitude that America owned the world, and he was sympathetic towards third world countries. Just look at the peace corp and his attitude towards African countries. And as I mentioned before, we owe it to him to find out who was behind his assassination.
What truly disgusts me is the crap a lot of people have written about JFK’S character and Presidency. Whether it be that he was a sex maniac/womaniser and drug addict, or that he was a rabid right winger and cold warrior. The former is based on nothing but rumours. The latter is nothing but pure horse crap! Just think, if JFK was a right winger/cold warrior then why didn’t send in US troops into Cuba to prevent the Bay of Pigs invasion from failing? Better yet, why did he first seek approval by his cabinet to proceed with the invasion? Why did he refuse on no less than 9 occasions to send US combat troops into Vietnam to fight the Viet Cong? Why did he then refuse to invade Cuba during the missile crisis – choosing instead to impose a naval blockade and negotiate with the Soviets to bring the crisis to a peaceful end? Why did he then negotiate with the soviets to enact the nuclear test ban treaty? Why did he send Lisa Howard, William Attwood, and jean Daniel to try and reach a d├ętente with Fidel Castro? Oh yeah, what kind of cold warrior also supports the Peace Corps? What kind of right winger supports civil rights for African Americans? Right winger/Cold warrior my arse! You want to know what a cold warrior is, then look at Lyndon Johnson and George W bush. Clearly some people are delusional. Perhaps they would care to read Jim Douglass’s book, JFK and the unspeakable. By the way, how can anybody forget about JFK’s NSAM263? You know withdrawal from Vietnam.
As for whether or not JFK cheated on his wife, I frankly couldn't care less. I of course don’t believe that a person should ever cheat on their spouse, but it doesn’t change any of JFK’s accomplishments as President – nor does it change the fact that he was a war hero! As for his alleged drug abuse, newsflash, he had Addison’s disease and suffered great back pains. He naturally required drugs for treatment, so there is nothing suspicious about his taking drugs at all.
On a side note, I want to thank all dedicated JFK researchers for their hard work in trying to uncover the truth about President Kennedy’s assassination. I want to pay a special thanks to Jim DiEugenio. His vast knowledge on the JFK assassination, as well has his defence of JFK and his family, has had a massive influence on me during my research. I honestly don’t think I have seen anybody defend JFK’s legacy as much as Jim DiEugenio has. If you want to learn a great deal about JFK and his assassination, then visit Jim’s website, Be sure to check out his reviews of Peter Janey’s crappy book Mary’s Mosaic, and Seymour Hersh's horrible book, the dark side of Camelot.
As for all the JFK bashers out there, keep it up of you like. However, I think most people can see through the transparent BS you peddle. Furthermore, we will  always have dedicated researchers like Jim DiEugenio to refute the garbage when they see it.
Until another US President is assassinated, JFK’s assassination will remain the most important political assassination. Let’s do all we can to give JFK, his family, and the American people justice for his assassination.


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